"You ready?  OK.  Let's roll. "

(Todd Beamer  .. Passenger  .. Flight 93)


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September 11, 2001

Shanksville,  Pennsylvania


"I dedicate this chapter  in memory of the inspiring camaraderie and monumental courage of Passengers, Flight Attendants and Pilots  .. who made the supreme sacrifice .. to save an untold number of other human beings  from harms way.  Sensing a rather uncanny connection to the innocent souls aboard Flight 93 .. I personally honor these brave men and women .. who ended their journey on what will forever remain hallowed earth .. in rural Pennsylvania  .. the beloved homestead of my ancestral roots."   - -  Helen More


In Noble Remembrance

Christian Adams - Biebelsheim, Germany

Lorraine G. Bay - Hightstown, NJ

Todd Beamer - Cranbury, NJ

Alan Beaven - Oakland, CA

Mark K. Bingham - San Francisco, CA

Deora Frances Bodley - Santa Clara, CA

Sandra W. Bradshaw - Greensboro, NC

Marion Britton

Thomas E. Burnett, Jr. - San Ramon, CA

William Joseph Cashmen

Georgine Rose Corrigan

Paincie  Cushing

Jason Dahl - Denver, CO

Joseph Deluca

Patrick Joseph Driscoll

Edward P. Felt - Matawan, NJ

Jane C. Folger

Colleen Laura Fraser - Elizabeth, NJ

Andrew Garcia - Portola Valley, CA

Jeremy Glick - West Milford, NJ

Lauren Grandcolas and Her Unborn Child -  San Rafael, CA

Wanda  Anita Green - Linden, NJ

Donald F. Greene - Greenwich, CT

Linda Gronlund

Richard Jerry Guadagno - Eureka, CA

LeRoy Wilton Homer, Jr. - Marlton, NJ

Toshiya Kuge - Tokyo, Japan

CeeCee Lyles - Fort Myers, FL

Hilda Marcin - Budd Lake, NJ

Nicole Miller - San Jose, CA

Louis J. Nacke - New Hope, PA

Donald Arthur Peterson - Spring Lake, NJ

Jean Hoadley Peterson - Spring Lake, NJ

Waleska Martinez Rivera

Mark Rothenberg - Scotch Plains, NJ

Christine Anne Snyder - Kailua, Hawaii

John Talignani - Staten Island, NY

Honor Elizabeth Wainio

Deborah Welsh

Olga Kristin Gould White





"Be it 1941 .. or 2001 .. Uncommon Valor is Timeless"


REMEMBER  Flight  93 !





"I proudly salute .. our Men and Women in Uniform "


United States Air Force

United States Army

United States Coast Guard

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy

United States National Guard & Joint Forces Command




Our Commander in Chief

George W. Bush

President of the United States of America


Listen to ...  "Air Force One"




Helen Marie Melly More

Marlborough, Massachusetts


27 September 2001




The  19th  Year

September 11,  2020

"The Past will  always  play a bitter-sweet  role in Our Present"

Listen to .. "September Morn"






Background Music:  "Saving Private Ryan"

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"September Morn"

Composers:  Neil Diamond and Gilbert Becaud


World War II Poster:  "Remember Dec. 7th - Pearl Harbor - 1941"

Courtesy of .. Northwestern University Library


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Please select any portion of the following  underlined   Chapters:


Civil War  - Pennsylvania Regiments

The Blue Uniform         My Family  ..   A Call to Arms          "Dear Mother" ...  1862 Letter             A Proper Burial

Roll of Honor ... Our Fallen Lads            The Drummer Boy           Medal of Honor - Sgt. Pursell  

104th PA Regiment        Battle of Fair Oaks         69th PA - Irish Brigade of Philadelphia

72nd PA - Sgt. George Leidy Hess

"The Gettysburg Address"

"Dear Mrs. Bixby" ... 1864 Letter - President Lincoln

From the Halls of Montezuma - U.S. Marine Corps

"Pledge of Allegiance"

My name is ... "Old Glory"

Vietnam .. "The Brotherhood"

Appomattox .. "The Blue and Gray"

Philly in the 1940's .. A Trip down Memory Lane



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