"He wore .. a Blue Uniform"

By: Helen Marie Melly More

"He wore a blue uniform" .. were the words spoken by my 90 year old, maternal grandmother (Mary Mann McCauley) as she chatted with us during our visit with her at a nursing home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania..

The subject surfaced when my grandmother noticed that each of my 3 sons (Michael, Bobby & Tommy) were wearing Union Army Caps .. which were purchased from a shop at GETTYSBURG during our tour of the battlefield the previous day. With peaked curiosity, my eldest son Michael asked his great grandmother if we had any relatives who were soldiers during the Civil War. Grandmother responded with .. "Yes, and he wore a blue uniform". Since other family members were waiting to visit with my grandmother .. my son never had the opportunity to continue his conversation .. thus never learning other pertinent background facts regarding our Civil War relative. Shortly thereafter my grandmother passed away .. and with her she took the only known identification of our mysterious soldier .. the lad who "wore the blue uniform".

Many moons had passed since that special day we shared with my grandmother .. and in 1991 while diligently researching our vast PENNSYLVANIA family tree .. I was emotionally overwhelmed upon the surprising discovery of our Civil War relative who wore the blue uniform. This mysterious soldier was my Great, Great Grandfather, one Pvt. William H. Fryling who served with Company A, 104th REGIMENT, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (1862-1865).

Presenting Grandfather Fryling's Civil War military records to my son Michael was quite a rewarding experience which brimmed over with much sentiment. My special mission had been accomplished and richly compensated by discovering a monumental collection of facts with regard to "67" other members of Grandfather's immediate family .. who also served in the Union Army.

With much pride .. I shall now introduce you to my Ancestors and Cousins (born and raised in the BUCKS COUNTY and PHILADELPHIA areas of  Pennsylvania) who served with the Union Army during the Civil War. Just about all of these fine lads who "wore the blue uniform" returned safely to their families in Pennsylvania .. and sadly .. some did not. This special tribute shall be my way of breathing life back into ALL of these courageous soldiers .. those from whence I came.


My Ancestors and Cousins  .. "A Call to Arms"




Presented by:
Helen Marie Melly More
Marlborough, Massachusetts

Armed Forces Day
18 May 1996

(Annual Visit - Memorial Day - 31 May 2020)



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