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  My Ancestors & Cousins

 Regiment .. Soldier .. Service Dates .. Company .. Civil War Engagement


 104th PA (Bucks County)

FRYLING, Pvt. William H. (1862-1865) Co. A - Morris Island, SC

FRYLING, Pvt. Lawrence T. (1861-1864) Co. A - Fair Oaks, VA

FRYLING, Pvt. Levi (1861-1864) Co. A - Fair Oaks, VA

FRYLING, Pvt. Wilson (1861-1862) Co. A - Killed at Fair Oaks, VA (31 May 1862)

FRYLING, Sgt. Isaac S. (1861-1865) Co. A - Fort Wagner, SC

CAFFEY, Pvt. William N. (1862-1865) Co. C - Fair Oaks, VA

CAMPBELL, Pvt. Samuel A. (1861-1866) 7th US Vol Vets & 104th - Fair Oaks, VA

FRANKENFIELD, Cpl. David S. (1861-1864) Co. G - Fair Oaks, VA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Francis (1861-?) Teamster

FRANKENFIELD, Sgt. Fred (1861-1865) Co A&G- Fair Oaks/Bermuda Frt, VA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Reuben (1861-1866) 3rd PA & 104th - Fair Oaks, VA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. William S. (1861-1862) Co. G - Fair Oaks, VA

HILL, Cpl. Amos G. (1861-1865) Co. A - Fair Oaks, VA

LEWIS, Pvt. Joseph M. (1861-1862) Band Musician - Fair Oaks, VA

MALSBURY, Pvt. William (1861-1863) Co. A - Killed at Charleston, SC (1863)

MARTINDALE, Pvt. William Yerkes (1861-1865) Co. A - Fair Oaks, VA

MORGAN, Pvt. John W. (1861-1865) Co. A & G - Drummer Boy

MORGAN, Pvt. Nelson (1863-1865) Co. A - Fair Oaks, VA

MORGAN, Sgt. Samuel (1862-1865) 104th, 128th, 196th - Potomoc & Antietam

MORGAN, Pvt. William A. (1861-1864) Co. A - Fair Oaks, VA

PURSELL, Sgt. Hiram W. (1861-1864) Co. G - "Medal of Honor" - Fair Oaks, VA

SEESE, Pvt. John (1861-1862) - Co. G - Killed at Fair Oaks, VA (31 May 1862)

SEESE, Pvt. Morris M. (1862-1865) Co. F - Fair Oaks, VA

SMITH, Pvt. Henry T. (1861-1865) Co. G - Fair Oaks, VA

SMITH, Cpl. Mordecai B. (1861-1863) Co. A - Killed at Hilton Head, NC (1863)

STINER, Pvt. William Stiner (1861-1864) Co. C & G - Fair Oaks, VA

WALL, Sgt.. Willis (1861-1864) Co. A - Fair Oaks, VA

3rd PA

FRYLING, Pvt. Henry Yoxtheimer (1862-1863) Co. D - with Gen. Reynolds

FRYLING, Pvt. Isaac (1864-1865) Co. G - Heavy Artillery

 8th PA Cavalry

FLACK, Pvt. George W. (1861-1864) Troop M

32nd PA

BARTHOLOMEW, Capt. Jacob B. (1861-1864) Co. H - Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg

34th PA (Emergency Unit)

FRANKENFIELD, Cpl. Wm. H. (1862-1865) 34th, 129th & 202nd - Gettysburg


41st PA (Emergency Unit)

CAMPBELL, Sgt. Abner Amey (1863) Co. I - Gettysburg

45th PA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Isaac, Jr. (1863-1865) Musician - Co. G

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Harry Giles (1862-1865) Cavalry Bugler

47th PA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Leonard (1861-1863)  Company E  -  Died  at Ft. Jefferson, FL (1863)

53rd PA

HAUSE, Pvt. George (1861-1865) Co. H - Gettysburg (2 Jul 1863)


72nd PA

HESS, 1st Sgt. George Leidy (1861-1863) Co. C - Killed at Gettysburg (3 July 1863)

90th PA

HESS, Pvt. Robert Hancock (1861-1864) Co. H - Brigade & Division Headquarters

109th PA

GEORGE, Pvt. Jacob. L (1862-1863) Co. C

112th PA

CAMPBELL, Pvt. George A. (1862-1865) Co. H - Near Libby Prison

128th PA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Lewis (1862-1863) Co. C - Antietam

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Lewis E. (1862-1863) Co D; Died Armory Square Hosp., DC (1863)

FRANKENFIELD, Sgt. Adam S. (1862-1865) 152nd & 128th - Antietam

HESS, Pvt. John W. (1861-?) Co. E

HESS, Pvt. Martin (1861-1862) Co. C - Killed at Harper's Ferry, VA (1862)

131st PA

BRICE, Lt. Andrew Nebinger (1862-1863) Co. C

138th PA

GODSHALL, Sgt. Joseph H. (1862-1865) Co. H - Mine Run, VA

147th PA

HESS, Pvt. Francis G. (1862-1865) Co. A

153rd PA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Edwin (1862-1863) Co. B - Gettysburg

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. George Washington (1862-1863) Co. B - Gettysburg

FRANKENFIELD, Sgt. Isaac (1862-1863) Co.C- Killed Chancellorsville,VA(1863)

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. John (1862-1863) Co. A - Gettysburg

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Owen (1861-1863) Co B Killed - Stafford Court House, VA (1863)

HESS, Pvt. Jeremiah (1862-1865) Co. F - Gettysburg & Chancellorsville

SEIPLE, Pvt. Henry (1862-?) Gettysburg & Chancellorsville

SEIPLE, Pvt. Joseph (1862-?) Gettysburg & Chancellorsville

174th PA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Charles (1862-1863) Co. H - Hilton Head, NC

FRYLING, Pvt. Jacob T. (1862-1863) Co. E - Hilton Head, NC

HESS, Lt. Col. Edward T. (1862-1863) - Hilton Head, NC

HESS, Pvt. George R. (1862-1865) Co. B - Hilton Head, NC


181st PA (20th PA Cavalry)

MORGAN, Pvt. Harvey (1864-1865) Co. F - Shenandoah Valley

196th PA

FRANKENFIELD, Capt. Christian (1861-1864) Co. E - Antietam

 202nd PA

SEIPLE, Pvt. Manasses (1863-1865) 34th & 202nd

203rd PA

YOXTHEIMER, Pvt. William (1864-1865) Co. A - Fort Fisher, NC

209th PA

FRANKENFIELD, Pvt. Allen Oliver (1865-1865) Co. H

Our Pennsylvania Lads who served with the following Regiments:

6th Kansas Cavalry

AMEY, Pvt. George (?-?) Co. E - Pea Ridge, Arkansas


1st Maryland Cavalry

TORRINGTON,  Lt. John E (1861-1865) Co. C

10th Minnesota

FRANKENFIELD, Cpl. Amos S. (1862-1865) Co. I


4th and 20th New Jersey Infantry

FRANKENFIELD, Cpl. Harry G.  (1861)


Proudly Prepared By:

Helen Marie Melly More
Marlborough, Massachusetts

Armed Forces Day

18 May 1996

(Annual Visit - Memorial Day - 31 May 2020)



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