In Search of  ...  Tommy Logan

World War II


"My Victorian Grandmother was quite the Grand Dame .. and there was an instance when she made her own personal contribution to the war effort. She had heard that some of the military personnel, who were based at the Northeast Philly Navy Depot facility, expressed an interest in living "off base" during their tour of duty in our area.  Since we lived in a very large 13 room house (with 2 spare bedrooms) .. she decided to open our home to any of the Marines or Sailors who perhaps missed their own families .. and wanted to be a part of ours on a temporary basis.  She posted a "Room and Board Available" note down at the Depot .. and the response was overwhelming.  Since my Grandmother decided to personally interview each and every respondent .. I recall seeing "uniforms" in and out of our home for a week straight .. until she selected one Marine and one Sailor who would fit nicely within our family circle.  Both were really great .. and with us long enough to make an impression on me.  I recall the day each of them were given their overseas duty orders .. and before we knew it .. just like Uncle Bill Miller who was then at Iwo Jima .. they were gone.  I don't recall hearing anything further about the Sailor.  However, the Marine .. Tommy Logan .. kept in close touch via letters to my Grandmother.  He loved our family .. and our feelings for him were likewise.  My Grandmother never knew that Tommy had listed her as the primary person to be notified in the event of his death or injury.  She would learn of his desires in the letter she received from his Commanding Officer .. informing her that Tommy was killed in action somewhere on a Pacific Island in 1944.  Shortly thereafter (and by unknown parties only assuming my Grandmother was Tommy's Mother) .. she received the symbolic "Sons in Service" Gold Star Flag. Considering this to be an honor .. and with much sadness .. my Grandmother would now display the presented  flag in our parlor window .. indicating we had lost a member of our family." 


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My Mission

"Throughout these many years .. I have always wanted to pay my respects to the young lad who made such an indelible impression on both myself and my Philadelphia family. I certainly would appreciate hearing from anyone who is aware of the family background or burial location of Tommy Logan .. our World War II Marine."   --  Helen More



Helen Marie Melly More

Marlborough, Massachusetts

12 January 2003


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