"Civil War ... Pennsylvania Regiments"


(My G/Great Uncle)

Pvt. Lawrence Fryling

104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry



"This special tribute is dedicated to all of my Ancestors and Cousins from Pennsylvania who served with the Union Army during the Civil War.  Although quite nostalgic in theme .. yet rich in substance .. my intention is to make a profound statement for those who should be remembered .. and their stories told."   - -  Helen Marie Melly More  (Marlborough, Massachusetts)




Chapter Index:


"He wore .. a Blue Uniform"

My Ancestors & Cousins ... "Call to Arms"

"Dear Mother" ...  1862 Letter - Pvt. Wilson Fryling

A Proper Burial for Pvt. William H. Fryling

Roll of Honor ... Our Fallen Lads

The Drummer Boy - Pvt. John Morgan

Medal of Honor - Sgt. Hiram Williams Pursell

104th Pennsylvania ... Regimental History

Battle of Fair Oaks (or Seven Pines), Virginia

"The Gettysburg Address"

69th Pennsylvania ... The Philadelphia Brigade

"Dear Mrs. Bixby" ... 1864 Letter  -  President Lincoln

72nd Pennsylvania - Sgt. George Leidy Hess



Restoration of Peace .. April 7, 1865

 "I dedicate this chapter to all of my many friends and family historians with beloved ancestors and cousins who wore the Blue and Gray Uniforms during the Civil War years."  --  Helen More


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Appomattox .. "The Blue and Gray"



Other Outstanding Civil War Links:

104th Pennsylvania ... Ringgold Living History Association, Inc.

Battle of Gettysburg ...  Military History Online




A Salute to .. Our Stars and Stripes

My name is  ... "Old Glory"

"Pledge of Allegiance"

"Fort Hood, Texas - 5 November 2009"




Shanksville, Pennsylvania

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September 11, 2001  .. "Let's roll"




In Honor of  the Brotherhood

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"Reflections .. from Both Sides"




March  2003  -  November  2012


"Operations  ...  Iraqi Freedom, Desert Scorpion and Red Dawn"

"Operations  ...  Desert Lion, Enduring Freedom and Mountain Resolve"

"Operation Iron Hammer"

"Operation Phantom Fury - Al Fajr"

"Operation Matador"

"Operation Lightning"

"Operations Spear and Dagger"

"Operations Iron Fist and River Gate"

"Operation Steel Curtain"

"Operation Shank"

"Operation Swarmer"

"Operation Mountain Lion"

"Operation Law and Order"

"Operation Phantom Thunder"

"Operation Arrowhead Ripper"

"Operation Phantom Phoenix"


2 July 2009

U.S. Marines Launch Major Operation in Afghanistan (Helmand River Valley)

"Operation Strike of the Sword"


11 August 2009

U.S. Marines and Afghan Troops Launch Major Operation in Dahaneh, Afghanistan

"Operation Eastern Resolve 2"


4 December 2009

U.S. Marines and Afghan Troops Launch Offensive in  Now Zad Valley, Afghanistan

"Operation Cobra's Anger"


February 2010

Combined Military Troops launch Major Operation in S. Helmand Province, Afghanistan

"Operation Moshtarak"


August 2010 - July 2011

Massachusetts U.S. Army National Guard - 1st Battalion, 181st Infantry Regiment

Headquarters Company and Companies A, B , C , D   (670 Guardsman)

Camp Atterbury, Indiana (August - September 2010)

Deployment to Afghanistan (October 2010 - July 2011)


181st Infantry Regiment - Delta Company (Company D)

Battalion Send-off Ceremony

Foley Stadium Formation - Worcester, Massachusetts  (1 August 2010)


October 2010

181st Infantry Regiment deployed to Afghanistan


27 July 2011

181st Infantry Regiment returned to Home Turf in Massachusetts .. USA





Known U.S. Casualties  (Iraq and Afghanistan)


(March  2003   -   November  2020)





History of Taps Buglers




Wounded Warrior Project


United Services Organization   (U S O)


Bugles Across America   (Volunteer Organization)






Special Tribute To:

The United States Marine Corps

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From the Halls of Montezuma

Philadelphia  in the 1940's  ...  A Trip Down Memory Lane

In Search of   ...  Tommy Logan

LCPL   Michael Paul Minehan  (KIA Vietnam 1968)





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