"Pledge  of  Allegiance"



"I pledge allegiance to The Flag of the United States of America, and to The Republic for which IT stands, One Nation, Under God,  Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All"



Wounded Warrior Project  -  2


Proudly Presented By:

Helen Marie Melly More
Marlborough, Massachusetts

9 September 2020



Background Music:  "American Medley"


Please select any portion of the following  underlined   Chapters:


Civil War  - Pennsylvania Regiments

The Blue Uniform         My Family  ..   A Call to Arms          "Dear Mother" ...  1862 Letter             A Proper Burial

Roll of Honor ... Our Fallen Lads            The Drummer Boy           Medal of Honor - Sgt. Pursell  

104th PA Regiment        Battle of Fair Oaks         69th PA - Irish Brigade of Philadelphia

72nd PA - Sgt. George Leidy Hess

"The Gettysburg Address"

"Dear Mrs. Bixby" ... 1864 Letter - President Lincoln

From the Halls of Montezuma - U.S. Marine Corps

"Pledge of Allegiance"

My name is ... "Old Glory"

September 11, 2001  .. "Let's roll"

Vietnam  ..   "The Brotherhood"



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