"Reflections ..  from Both Sides"


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To those who fought and fell .. in a land where Brotherhood truly did mean something.

To those who seek comfort .. and cherish their memories.

To them  .. this chapter is so dedicated.


"I take this opportunity to share with you a few personal experiences .. with regard to the above displayed artwork depicting a poignant scene at the Vietnam Wall in Washington, DC.  My first encounter occurred about 12 years ago when the president of our company received the actual painting as a Christmas gift from his wife.  Since he and I both served in our U.S. Military Forces (and likewise with family members, friends and customers who frequent our office on a daily basis) .. he decided to display this most meaningful piece of art in our office .. in a place where it would be well observed and respectfully appreciated.  My very first time seeing this unique drawing touched every emotion within my entire being.  I was amazed at the incredible manner in which the artist was able to capture my emotions as the physical observer .. and of those who were reaching out to each other on canvas .. all of us synchronized .. at that same moment in time.  Over the years .. I have watched many, many folks who first notice this artwork .. and the manner in which they quietly observe the overall scene.  Some comment on the various, slightly hidden aspects.   Others say nothing .. but their emotions are quite visible .. and very well known to me.  Strange .. even after all of these years .. I still observe seemingly new revelations that just never surfaced in my prior viewings.  In a most uncanny way .. the canvas actually breathes. Perhaps this is just a subtle message that LIFE .. and the souls who are touched from all sides of this particular and most haunting artwork   .. will forever be united."  - -  Helen More



Special Request

If any of my visitors experienced the loss of a family member, friend, neighbor, school pal or other acquaintance during the Vietnam War .. I encourage you to kindly take a minute and share your own "Reflections" and honor their memory at either one of these dedicated web sites:  (Many Thanks,  Helen)

The Vietnam Memorial Wall

The Virtual Vietnam Wall


My Personal Reflections

LCPL   Michael Paul Minehan - USMC  (KIA Vietnam 1968)

S/Sgt. John Daniel Hoffman - U.S. Army (KIA Vietnam 1966)




Helen Marie Melly More

Marlborough, Massachusetts


Annual Memorial Day Visit   -  May 2020





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The Artwork:  "Reflections"

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"In Honor of the Men and Women who served in Vietnam"

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