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Thank you for visiting our corner of the web, signing my guestbook and giving me the opportunity to visit your site. I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into the site and have to congratulate you on an outstanding achievement in web site design, both in appearance and content.

I just wanted to add that your site is very informative, resourceful and reflects a very high degree of creativity and professionalism.  A wonderful dedication to those that fought in the Civil War.  Very nicely researched and presented.

I have enclosed our Award of Excellence for your site. 


Ben Ciolczynski


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To Webmaster: Ms Helen More,

Please find attached, the 1999,  "Civil War in Miniature"  Historic Site Award.

Your site is being awarded because of its excellence, unique format, historical significance and because of its contribution to students, educators and interested parties of the great American Civil War.

Congratulations on your hard work and diligence. The Internet is a better place because of your contribution! The intention of the Internet was to spread knowledge and be an information highway, therefore, your contribution is vital to everyone!

Your link will now be shown among others considered to be one of the finest Civil War sites on the Net.


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Hello Helen,

My .. must your typing fingers be tired !!  You have done a wonderful job on your website! This site surely honors the galliant ancestors of yours who chanced their lives to restore the Union.  I proudly present you with my award for your superb job on your website. Please, keep up the superior work.

- Paul Boccadoro


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Thank you for visiting Civil War Web, and for submitting your site for our "Recommended Website" Award. Your "Civil War - Pennsylvania Regiments" was a pleasure to review, and we are happy to present you with our award as our way of saying .. "Congratulations for a job well done".  Again, thank you for your support of Civil War Web.

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I recently visited your site and definitely believe it deserves recognition.  I enjoyed the great graphics and the wonderful information provided at your site.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments and keep up the wonderful work.  I am proud to to present your "Civil War Ancestors - Pennsylvania Regiments" with the Civil War Site of Excellence Award.

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Josh Blair



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28 July 2001

It was a genuine pleasure to review your site on Pennsylvania regiments.
Descendants of brave men, I am sure, applaud your efforts to record for
posterity, their actions at a time of this country's greatest turmoil- The
American Civil War. In researching my GGGrandfather's Confederate regiment,
the Ninth Georgia of Longstreet's I Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia,
there are several instances in which Georgia and Pennsylvania regiments
fought each other. Sgt. M.O. Young of the Ninth, in his recollections at the
Atlanta Archives, credited the Penn. troops as being some of the better
fighters in the Army of the Potomac. Sadly, the 9th left many of her bravest
men in unmarked graves in Pennsyvania around Gettysburg, at the Wheatfield.
For your efforts on the Web, I hope you will accept our Award of
Excellence. This Award is earned, not granted, for making significant
contributions and expanding the general public's knowledge of the Civil War.
This Award is recognition for your work and must pass the scrutiny of the Ninth's
three-judge panel. Congratulations for a job well done!

Neal Griffin
Web(Reb)master of the:
Ninth Georgia Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A. 1861-65


Grunt Web Award

Grunts Military Web Site Award .. February 2003


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